I’m currently working on a load of creature concepts that we could use in Rust, ideas that will help us to do something different to the ‘standard zombie’ you see in a lot of games. Don’t get me wrong, zombies are cool and they may even stay in the game but they’re pretty overdone.

Generally the feeling in the office is that the creatures shouldn’t be too ‘fantastical’. They have to have some form of grounding in reality, almost as if they could actually exist. This also will help to make everything feel much creepier, like if you came home and found your pet rabbit had suddenly gone on a Monty Python style killing spree and is now stalking you. Something everyday and harmless suddenly developing a taste for human blood. With nasty pointy teeth.

I want to watch adults running scared from fluffy chickens.

I also want people to throw killer chickens at each other.

Everyone needs a hobby.

At least we've got chicken.

At least we’ve got chicken.