GMod vs Rust Launch

GMod vs Rust Launch

You know what’s crazy? I always said that we’ll never make a game as popular as Garry’s Mod. GMod’s success is a fluke – and we’ll never be able to recreate anything like the popularity of it.

So I think we have all been very very surprised by Rust’s popularity. In its first two weeks Garry’s Mod sold just over 34,000. That was amazing for me. It changed my life overnight. In Rust’s first two weeks it has sold just over 150,000  copies. Which on its own is amazing. It’s even more amazing for us, because our royalty rate is 30% higher and it costs twice as much as Garry’s Mod.



As you can see from the graph above.. Rust has sold very very well. Some things to bare in mind I guess.. Garry’s Mod went on sale in 2006. It was like the 5th ever game to be sold on Steam. Steam was untested and a lot of people were suspicious of it. It wasn’t the universally loved central hub of PC gaming that is is now.

We have been knocked out by how well Rust has sold. Especially for an Early Access, unfinished alpha. Especially that we have warned people not to buy it. And especially because Rust isn’t even a 100th of the game we are envisioning.

It very much feels like we have been given all of this money – but we haven’t yet earned it. That’s something we have to do now.


  1. Your game art style and your life style fits very well for my fantasy. Just you’re my roll model. Sometime write a book about your life. Keep up Garry!

    • Im a “young” gMer 22 and im trying to make a gaming buisness and you guys have inspired me in your amazing talent i hope one fsy i will be as skilled as y’-all

    • Fuck you

    • 500+ hours on rust and now i cant play due to a bug that kicks me every 15 mins i have searched up and down the internet looking for a solution i want to get back to raiding and pillaging people for the love of god please give me a solution

  2. Keep up the good work guys!

  3. Wow, that’s fantastic! Congratulations! And good luck working on Rust. I can’t wait to sit down with it. :)

  4. “It very much feels like we have been given all of this money – but we haven’t yet earned it. That’s something we have to do now.”
    Too true.
    Your reputation is on the line and if you blow it your credibility will suffer.
    Past performance is no indication of future returns.

  5. Simply love it, played it for a couple of hours and started up a server as well. Ofc theres some work left to do. Since I have been working I havent had time to find out where to leave suggestions/opinions/feedback. It would be really nice to a have channel for that, maybe even with some feedback if theres time left over for something like that. I have waited so long for a game like this, cant wait for more new items, places to go, things to build. If I had the brains myself I would start creating a game as well :)

    • You started up a server after playing it for a couple of hours? Don’t you think that’s being hasty?

    • whats your server IP-ill join

  6. “Bear” in mind… as in load-bearing… not “Bare”… your brain isn’t nekked…

    BUT HOLY S*** is this a great frickin game!

  7. I NEVER buy games over 5$…But with Rust, i made an exception. The game has potential, i personally got it to build stuff, just like Gmod. Hoping for a bigger level, solo mode and improved graphics. Also, please give players an incentive to work together… I have been shot while naked and with nothing in my inventory by players armed to the teeth after telling me “friendly”.

    • You don’t buy many games then.

    • Thats what the game is about, sometimes there will be bandits and sometimes they’ll be nice. It’s a survival game Facepunch isn’t trying to hold your hand.

    • Then you sir are absolutely retarded.

  8. It doesn’t matter what state Rust is currently in, the fact of the matter is… it’s fun!

  9. The reason why Rust is alot getting better sales is because you are 100x popular than you were when you released Garry’s Mod. Garry’s mod is what made rust popular.

    • In part, it’s because Rust is actually a good game by itself… I bought it before I looked at the developer, and when I started up the game for the first time, I though “Oh, Facepunch! Cool!”

  10. There is going to be no incentive to players working together. As Garry stated in one of his previous blog posts he wants freedom. Forcing players to work together isn’t freedom and that is why he will never add in such restrictions.

  11. Love the game! ;)

    Here’s my wish list:
    1. Torches that can attach to a wall, that does not burn resources so quick like a camp fire, and does not give out charcoal.
    2. Ability to give other people access to your doors.
    3. Steel doors (should be VERY expensive and hard to obtain but give REALLY good protection.
    4. Furniture to decorate your house with and deer hide to place on floors.
    5. A bed, instead of a sleeping bag.

    More different resources like: Gold, Silver, Water, Bone, option to have lifestock, fields with grain.

    • 1. Yes!
      2. Some servers have already this
      3. I think problem is about griefers, i doesn’t matter how good will door protect your house, because griefer can just put his own door before your door and you will be locked up.
      I got three times in week griefed, can’t even get away from house.
      They should made something like private zone, you can remove everything, but you can’t attach your items in house or in near zone.

  12. Fully agree with Agerbak !
    If we could also fishing at the seaside or if there were some lakes on the map that would be great too :-)

  13. You guys need a narrative for your world, however light. Was there a worldwide nuclear war? A local nuclear war? When did it happen, and why? It will help give you a strong direction.

  14. @Agerbak – I think they should change the name ….. something about craft…. ooo and mines are cool, how about craft mine…. no no… MineCraft… yeah that sounds cool!

    keep up the good work guys.. lovin it…

  15. Legend

  16. Congrats gents. The game is intriguing, needs a lot of work but has a ton of potential. Hopefully you can incorporate many of the ideas from the community (and folks like me :) ) to make it even better.

  17. Greetings from silicon valley,
    I spent the weekend playing Rust…. all i can say is WOW!
    From one software engineer to another, I would like to say congratulations to you and your team.
    Great Job, keep this up and i have no doubt Rust will be a huge success.

    Others need to take notes…. this is Unity done RIGHT!

    - B

  18. Good game. Let’s hope, final version will be good.

  19. I just wanted to say I love Rust it’s been a lot of fun.. I wish you could domesticate animals! I also can’t wait until i can make a female character =) Thanks again guys

  20. Rust is an awesome game. It is successful because it is fun and addictive in it’s current state. Please don’t overdo the changes and make it something totally different. Keep in tact what makes it great and just polish it up.

  21. An annoying bug came up while I was playing the game: if your inventory and quick slots are full and you craft something you will lose the resources required to make the item but the item is never made. Oh and a compass would be nice.

  22. i dont have the game and i cant wait to get it
    heres some ideas:
    rad jungle (most dangerous place in the game but the place were there lots of chestwith loot
    (spawns rad protected troop( instead of red wolfes and bears) rad plant(dont move does insanely much damage if you walk into one says clickin noises) mutated deer(if you go down the woods today)
    rad infected human(like zombies but only drop tuna rad pills))
    decorations(a home is not a home without looking like it(animal head trophy(can be wolf deer bear pig chicken head)flower pot(little pretty flower)wall paper(decorrate you walls. only white)
    still the game seems very great only 1400000 has bought minecraft mac edition)

  23. PLEASE HELP!!!!
    when i start game i see window:
    The game crashed. The crash report folder named “2014-02-18_173656″ next to game executable. It would be great if you’d send it to the develop of the game!
    and i can’t play

    • try redownloading the game and when u start it up make she the grafics are at fantastic

    • Then maybe you should do what it says before you complain on the forum. They can’t help you otherwise

  24. I write error Facepuch Connector VAC Banned Developer resolutely This problem playing without cheats nickname Hottabi4! Please hurry

  25. Sad you deleted me as a friend on facebook Garry but I’ve enjoyed Garry’s Mod since Gmod 8 when I first discovered it. Look forward to how you take rust with your new team :)

  26. Could I get a Rust key?


  27. Rust is the only early access game I bought. It’s core idea is fantastic, and I’m very interested to see where you guys go with this game. I am a developer myself (specialized on iOS game development), and if you guys ever think of doing something for mobile, let me know.
    Keep up the awesome work!

  28. more updates please……. we need new stuff on the game.

  29. please can you add planes and trucks to rust ? ( but if you do make it hard to get them :D )

  30. Night vision goggles

  31. Some ideas insted of red bears and wolfs, have mutated animals with like extra arms and shit and maybe 2 heads, just add shit xD Also mutated humens, but not so zombie like but look diffrent and add some arms and shit on the too ;) Great game

  32. я люблю дрочить

  33. This game has been what I’ve been looking for since I have started playing video games. I believe that you should open a page for players to post ideas for the game, because all the best game ideas in my opinion come from the players who play the game.

  34. Huge fan of u guys work. Hope one day i’ll have the pleasure to meat u all. I’am creating my own game for my final project in the university and i would love to work with a team like urs. The simpleness and yet detailed work makes working in game industry FUN.

    Rob Romeo – Sometimes it might sound good that the players are those who have the best game ideas but its not completly true , since the ideias come from the game designers and those who produced the game. Im not telling u’re wrong, because every team that produces a game they are GAMERS themselfs and they will think as gamers while creating.The game is always created for the players and thinked for the players, since that they are the target public for the game. If every game designer took every player’s idea you wouldnt play that game. Sometimes players just wish that something more was added to a game but doesnt think how would that affect him or others or the game it self. As a creator myself i always think as a player while producing my game.

  35. People who play 5-10 hours a day will be more likely to think of ideas better than the creators in my opinion depending on how much they actually play with other random players in online servers. For instance I think horses should be implemented or some sort of craft able transportation and maybe even better defenses for bases? Barbed wire, gun turrets, pitfall traps etc. I understand its an alpha I just think there are key things they could implement that would cause more players to play and enjoy the game. This is all my opinion of course and I am not the greatest with grammar don’t judge

  36. Everyone, the new Experimental Branch of Rust will be playable in 3 days!

  37. I have a problem…
    Official server -North American 1 stress test has disappeared off the server list… Please help and explain why? My home is lost forever!!

  38. Garry.. Please help …. I play for like 8 hours a day… I have never used hacks and I’m up to nearly 1500 hours.. Most of which has been on North America 1 (stress test) Why.. Oh why … Please put it back on the server list.. …… Although it does seem to be on the experimental version server list.. Just not on the original version …..GARRYYYYYY !

    Your biggest fan, David


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