I don’t think it’s secret that we have a number of prototypes going at Facepunch, but I don’t think we’ve been open about them until now. It’s hard to be open about stuff you’re making – especially when you’re quite early on and it looks like total shit. But ultimately these things are being made for public consumption – so there should really be no reason to hide them away.

Adam will be trying to post a weekly devblog about the prototype he’s working on starting tomorrow. Some things to keep in mind:

  • These are early prototypes, there’s no or little art.
  • Nothing is final.
  • The first post is going to be an introduction.

Another thing to keep in mind is how we decide what games we’re going to make. It’s my personal feeling that we shouldn’t be deciding what games to make as a committee because ultimately we’d end up with a game that no-one wants to play. We shouldn’t be deciding based on what me (as the boss) thinks either – because we’d end up with a game that everyone but me wants to play. Instead we let people make the game that they want to play. We want to exist in the niché, to create games that haven’t been created before.

I’m hoping that the posts will motivate and validate the work the guys are doing on their prototypes. It’s hard working on stuff in secret, we all want people to play with what we’re creating – that’s what we’re doing it for. So the more connected we can be with real people the better.

TLDR: Dev-blogs are coming please don’t freak out.