We got an email from Trion World’s lawyers. Apparently there’s a game called “Rift” and apparently its demo is called “Rift Lite”.

There’s probably going to be a lot of keyboard warriors that see this as the big guy picking on the small guy. Owning a trademark is useless unless you actually defend it and in this case I am sure that this could cause consumer confusion. Their email wasn’t threatening, it wasn’t trying to scare us, it was just stating the facts.

The name is the least important thing. The game is a prototype. It’s not being released any time soon. Riftlight is a codename, as is Deuce. We haven’t bought domain names or registered social network names. We haven’t printed thousands of promotional t-shirts. We haven’t paid NASA to laser it onto the moon. In fact it was previously codenamed “Space Cunts”, but we didn’t think that would have looked too nice heading the devblogs.

We could fight this. We could argue that they don’t own the name Rift. But that would be stupid, so we’re just going to change its codename. No drama, no lawyers get paid, everyone is friends and we make games.