This week I’ve been adding some remaining tennis gameplay items, a bit of polish to the cameras and a new special move.

Faults / Double Faults

In my first devblog I talked about how my prototype was a functional tennis game.  There were two tennis related gameplay items that were not in the prototype at the time, faults / double faults and the Tiebreak scoring system.  This week I decided to add in the missing fault functionality, it’s not that exciting but you can see it in action in the video at the bottom of this post.

I don’t feel that the Tiebreaks are that important at the moment so will probably hold off on those.

Match Status Markers

I’ve  dropped in some additional UI markers to show important score milestones throughout a match, namely break point, set point and match point.

I’ve added these to apply a bit of pressure to the player during key points during a match and it’s surprisingly effective.  Note, the UI is by no way final at this stage, we’ll give it an overhaul when we know what functionality we actually need.

New Cameras

I added a bit of polish to the cameras this week. There’s now an intro camera at the start of the match that pans around the court.  It’s pretty basic at the moment as the camera just follows a spline around the (almost) empty court.  Once I get a more interesting court in I’ll do further work on this.

The cut scene cameras now have Depth of Field applied which is a quick job in Unity but makes them look much better.

New Special Move – Oily ball

Craig suggested a special move called “Oily ball” where the ball would leave oil on the opponents side of the court so this week I had an attempt at adding this.  I tried out a few variations of the special move, at first it just dropped oil on the court when the ball bounced but that didn’t seem very effective as the opponent could easily just avoid it by staying at the back of the court.   In the end I settled on the ball dropping oil in blobs as it travels across the court.  This also gives a small penalty for the player triggering the special move as some gets left on their side of the court.  When the player runs over the oil a slide modifier is applied to their direction of travel.  This makes them appear to lose traction but then continue to slide when running out of the oil.

I’m not really satisfied with the result at this stage as it still seems fairly easy to return the ball even after travelling through the oil.  I’m keen to try out as many ideas I can for specials and cherry pick the best ones.


Here’s a video showing all of the new stuff detailed above.

Next Week

  • More special moves
  • Working out how to trigger the specials
  • Remembering to press “preview” instead of “publish” when writing the devblog