RGB Pixels

James added pixel textures to our shader that emulate the way ‘pixels’ work on old CRT monitors:

Picking Up Where You Left Off

Layla’s been adding networking support for passing the game state between players. This’ll allow someone to stop playing a game and allow another player to take over right where they left off.

Since the games themselves are being run on the clients, it’s not as simple as just switching the active player. Right now support for passing the game-state has to be explicitly added to each game. We’re hoping we can figure out a generic solution to this, but it gets complicated, especially when the game being passed is in the middle of running a coroutine.


James is in the process of writing JavaScript bindings for our C# game API. JS support will allow us to more easily limit the access of scripts to things they shouldn’t be able to mess with. It’ll also allow people to code in a language of their choice and convert it to JS before adding it to the game.

Memory Dungeon

I’m still working on an arcade game that’s like a mix of that simple card game “Memory” + a lite dungeon crawler. I was thinking about the voice chat support and wanted to make a game in which a person watching could help out the person playing, just by using their voice… so as with Memory, I figure that someone spectating could remind the player of where certain cards are.

We’re still hoping that we’ll be able to support actual multiplayer cabinets later on, but the latency issue will be a challenge.


More art and logotypes from Rob. He’s been brainstorming about cabinet customization: a simple way of letting players customize their cabinets would be to let them edit image templates, similar to how Minecraft handles skins.

Unity 5

We’ve pretty much moved over to Unity 5 now. Once we can use the new flexible standard shader that 5 provides, we’re gonna add Petur’s sexy cabinet model into the game. And once that happens I’m definitely gonna play some more with Oculus support, though I think I’m currently the only one on the team with a devkit.