This will be a relatively small blog this week as we’ve been mostly working on internal non-visual stuff.

Game Prototypes

Ryleigh’s been powering on with the Memory card game / dungeon crawl hybrid he mentioned last week, Memory Dungeon. He also started prototyping a new game yesterday to try out some primitive drawing functions recently added to the game creation API, featured near the end of this video:

Technical Stuff for Nerds

This week I finished writing a bindings generator that can automatically expose parts of our game creation API to scripted games written in JavaScript. We’re using the fantastic Jurassic library to compile scripts into CIL at runtime, with the requirement that all non-primitive types passed from C# land to the script engine must extend a particular ObjectInstance class. Since this rules out structs, and because ObjectInstance has quite a lot of overhead we’d rather avoid for any pure C# games, my bindings generator will automatically produce the appropriate classes to serve as proxies for our types.

For example, this struct will produce these class definitions.

Meanwhile, Layla has been tinkering with networking related things. After finishing game state transferral he started implementing player authentication with Steamworks. While we eventually hope to use the Steam workshop so that players are able to share their home-made games, cabinet skins and cabinet models, more immediately we can start associating highscores with your Steam account.

Memory Dungeon Art

Rob has been designing title art concepts for Ryleigh’s prototype to be used on the in-game cabinet and fictional advertising material.