This week I’ve focused on getting the game running in the latest revision of the Unity engine and collectively we have been attempting to settle on some form of theme for the game.

Unity 5…..Almost

The plan was to switch to Unity 5 this week and it almost happened.  The project ported across almost without hitch but unfortunately it appears our beta version of Unity 5 doesn’t currently support a networking component that is used for the online multiplayer.  However… whilst I had the game running for the most part, I decided to try and deploy a build to our Xbox One kits.

“Xbox…. Go to Deuce”

Apart from a couple of broken shaders the game ran almost the same as on the PC. There is nothing console specific in the code yet and we are a long way off deciding which platforms to target but at least I know it’s a pretty simple process to get up and running.

Hopefully over the next week we can get the networking issue cracked and move over fully to Unity 5.


We’ve been having lot of discussions regarding a theme for the game and trying to piece together a roster of interesting characters to play.  Initially we were looking at real world characters with the game set in the present day but this now seems a bit restrictive, especially with the kind of gameplay I’m aiming for.  Now we are considering a world where anything goes….. we may even venture beyond humanoid characters.  We’ve not quite nailed it yet but we are having a lot of fun with the ideas.

Jason has started work on an initial character that is kind of wild west bounty hunter.


Character Selection

Last week I detailed a change we had made to the animation system to allow us to quickly get new character models in game and reuse animation.  This week I started the code to make this happen and worked on passing a character choice from the front end to the main game.   This unearthed a ton of bugs as originally the characters were hard coded into the scene. Pretty much every system was tied into using these character objects and there wasn’t any support for loading character prefabs at runtime so a bit of refactoring was required whilst also trying to maintain the ease of development on the main game scene.

Rob had an idea for a new character select screen so I quickly mocked up a version for the prototype.


There wasn’t masses of code written this week but I feel we’ve made some really good progress on deciding how the game should look and more importantly, play.  This week I’m going to continue work on the core gameplay elements.