I have been an admirer of Before for a long long time. Every screenshot I see makes me fall more and more in love with the art direction.

A while ago I got chatting to Bill. He had found himself in the position that a lot of indies find themselves in. He had this great talent, this great game idea, but he didn’t have time to make it – because he had to put food on the table. A man’s gotta eat. So I proposed that we make it together. Facepunch would hire him and anyone he wanted, and we’d make the game.


So that’s what’s happening. People like Petur, Bill and Pal are rare finds. They’re multi-disciplined, they love what they do, they’re self reliant, they work autonomously and they are extremely good at what they do. In my experience these are rare qualities in career game developers. It’s already turned out to be a great thing for Facepunch as a company as the guys have already contributed so much to Rust. We’re hoping that together we can make the game that Bill envisioned Before to be.