I’m a bit late with this week’s devblog, but there’s lots of new stuff!

Ability UI

I finished off the temporary ability selection UI. The selection screen now shows you which abilities you already have bound to your action bar and it now shows which button each one is bound to. Nothing exciting, but it needed doing.


I spent a lot of time on the basic shooting and combat this week and giving the game some much needed “oomph”. Now that most of the non-gameplay stuff like inventory and ability systems are out of the way (for now), I really want to focus on making the gameplay fun and rewarding.

I don’t usually like to just list changes/additions in these dev blogs, but I think it’ll be better to just bullet point in this case:

  • New explosions – Bigger, brighter, more explosive and I added a distortion/ripple effect shader
  • Enemy debris – Enemy ships now explode into loads of bits that fly around and bounce off stuff
  • Hit impact effect – Projectiles now create a flash effect on impact
  • Knock back – Enemies are now pushed backwards slightly by your weapon impacts
  • Camera shake – Everyone’s favourite! I added camera shake to explosions, collisions and a small amount to firing.
  • Controller vibration – The controller vibrates.
  • Projectiles – now light stuff up
  • Player health bar – now bigger, more noticeable and it flashes when you get hurt
  • More coins drop! – They’re not actually used for anything yet, but there’s more of them ‘cus collecting stuff is fun! I also added a trail to them when being collected and they now hoover up faster and from further away.
  • Primary weapon – now shoots a lot faster and the the projectiles travel a lot faster
  • Thruster effect – I made the thruster blue because it just looks cooler and also made it a lot bigger, to emphasise when you’re actually boosting – which brings me to the next thing…


    This was a pretty massive change to the game, too. A couple of people here commented that the player ship movement didn’t look that great. I’d got so used to playing the game that I couldn’t see it any more and it looked fine to me – but if people who don’t play the game every day are saying something looks shit, it’s probably worth listening.

    I’ve completely changed how the player’s ship moves – it now has a lot more inertia, acceleration and deceleration. It’s faster and you can now do space drifts/power slides!

    I think it looks and feels loads better now, and just flying around is a lot more fun. There’s now a slight learning curve and room for a bit of skill when flying around at speed. I now find it painful to watch the videos from last week with the old movement, so it’s gotta be a step in the right direction. Like everything else though, it’s not 100% final yet.

    A video of all the new stuff

    Next week

    I totally broke the old collision system in the process of reworking player movement, so I’ve started to rework that too. I want the player to bounce around off stuff in a super arcadey way, so that’s what I’m working on at the moment.