James has been finishing up the JS bindings. It also now supports hotloading of scripts and images though, so we don’t have to recompile every time we make a change in a JS game.

Me and Layla have each been trying to learn the JS paradigms and test for issues. Personally I hate it so far (compared to C#) but maybe I’ll warm up to it.

At first JS performance was dreadful, but James fixed that. I’m just gonna use his words verbatim to explain how that was accomplished, because I don’t want to write something stupid: “the gist of the optimisation was that Jurassic works out which members of an object are visible to JS when that object is constructed, which involves using reflection. Reflection is expensive, and objects are constructed frequently, so I modified Jurassic to allow that process to be cached.”

Testing Tool

James has been working on a separate tool to play & test scripted games without needing to use the Unity editor. We’re thinking we’ll release it to you guys soon just in case you want to mess with it and give us feedback about our Game API.

Ultimate Soldier

I’ve been slowly making progress on “Ultimate Soldier” (which I think is gonna end up with a SWAT Team theme instead). It’s going slowly because I’ve been obsessing about all the small details now instead of waiting until I’ve got a vertical slice.

(that’s running in the testing tool, which doesn’t apply the CRT shader yet)

Clearly not too much to show this week, mostly behind-the-scenes work. Layla’s been making some progress on the arcade room editor as well. James moved to “Bloxwich”. See you next week.