BudgetBoy Development Kit

We’re almost ready to share our testing tool – likely next Friday. We’ve been improving the GUI and adding missing functionality. One of the main features left is a way to view errors and logs.

I can’t remember if we’ve talked about the tool’s bandwidth graph yet, but you can see it in the video above. It shows how much data will need to be streamed to viewers each frame. The red baseline represents (a somewhat arbitrary) 320 bytes right now. Ultimate Soldier unfortunately goes way above that most of the time but I guess it’ll be a good stress test.

Layla also added in a nice drop down menu to select games (that even shows which language each game is created in).


James added a “corruption” slider in the inspector and the BBDK GUI that messes with the graphics bytes… Nobody’s really sure what for, least of all James himself. We’ve tossed around the idea of having arcade cabinets degrade over time so maybe this’ll come in handy if & when we try that.

New Palette System

I’ve been bitching about the default hardcoded NES palette, so James added in a new system where up to 256 swatches (of 4 colours each) can be specified for each game. Then when a sprite is streamed to a viewer, it only needs one byte to communicate which palette it should be drawn with.

Still Working On Ultimate Soldier

I really want to finish this soon but the tiny details are so satisfying to work on. It’s now got friendly soldiers… soldiers walk around listening for gunshots and trying to kill their opponents… a few different guns, gun throwing, clip checking, etc.


James made a little experiment with vector 3D.

Concepts & Posters

Rob’s done some more concepts, including a game poster with both local and imported variants and a logo for the probably-SWAT-themed Ultimate Soldier. I think I’m personally leaning towards the cheesy name “SWAT Chronicles” though.