It’s been a while since I posted anything about my game, and it’s changed a bunch in that time. Some ideas have been too ambitious for two people to realistically achieve and some ideas have just sucked. I think I’m finally happy with the direction it’s heading though, so I figured it’s time to show some stuff.

I enjoy games that you can replay the shit out of, so that’s one of the main goals with Space Runts (the temporary, slightly less offensive, new title). I want every play-through to be as different as possible. Each area in the game is broken up into about 5 missions. Each play through of an area will be 5 random missions, each procedurally generated. The layouts are different, the stuff inside them is different and even the abilities the enemies have are randomly selected.

Here’s the level generator producing a few different levels using one tileset:

Thai (the artist working on the game with me) has made some really cool level tiles and sections already, and he’s going to move some of the other older areas/level pieces over to the new procedural setup soon, so there’ll be more variety coming.

It’s nice to be at the point where we’re finally adding content now. It’s pretty cool to add a few new room variations and see them start to appear in levels. For me, one of the biggest problems with making a game is playing the same game every day and trying to still look at it with fresh eyes. Flying around the same level over and over quickly turns everything into habit and it’s really hard to see if stuff is not fun or I’ve just played it a few thousand times too many. Moving to procedural content means every time I play the game I have no idea what’s around the next corner, and that’s pretty cool. I’ve been having fun playing the game again, and that’s pretty motivating.

Here’s some gameplay of a short mission level:

I’m moving more and more stuff over to being procedural or random. For example, the abilities the player can use were once unlocked by leveling up, but now I’m in the process of changing them to be found around the levels randomly, so each play-through you’ll have different abilities to work with.

The other massively cool thing about procedural content is it’s a lot easier to make a bigger game with just two people!

Here’s the middle of a boss fight that’s nearly finished, except for a bit of polish:

Facepunch Prototypes

I’ve now put the game on Facepunch Prototypes on Steam, so if you have access to it, check it out and let me know what you think!

I’m going to be updating the build on Steam fairly regularly. I’m going to start doing a weekly or bi-weekly blog post again too, but keep it really short and to the point. Mostly just pointing out the week’s new stuff/changes, so that you can decide if it’s worth your time to start the game up and check out the new stuff.

What’s next?

The game is completely unoptimised at the moment. It probably runs like crap if you don’t have a good PC. I want as many people to try the game as possible, so I need to start thinking about making it run better.

More content
Rooms, areas, set pieces, abilities, enemies, missions, environments. Everything really.

All the audio is placeholder. It’s pretty bad, but it’s still way better than when the game was completely silent (up until about two weeks ago – when I realised there was no sound. This is what I mean about becoming blind to games you play everyday!)

Get the shop working
Upgrades don’t actually do anything yet. It’ll be cool when they do, so there’s something to spend cash on.

Foggy Map
At the moment, you can see the whole of the map when you start a mission/level. I plan to add fog of war so you have to explore the level and find your way to the goal.

Next tileset
Here’s a few screenshots of one of the older areas we had setup as static levels before. I’m really looking forward to seeing procedural levels set in this environment as it’s the complete opposite of the indoor levels we have at the moment.

Here’s a few keys for Facepunch Prototypes:


If these are all gone by the time you check, and you want to try out the game, prod me on twitter and I’ll sort it.