Chunks is available on steam this week. I thought it might be useful to explain what it is, who is making it, why it isn’t a minecraft clone etc


James started making Chunks for the Vive about 10 months ago. Back then it was codenamed Vivecraft. It’s a sandbox game made for VR – which I guess by itself is probably not too impressive because pretty much every other VR game is a sandbox game right now.


Where Chunks is different is that it’s super, super, super moddable. It leans really heavily on the workshop to provide new gamemodes and tools, in the same way that Garry’s Mod does. Like Garry’s Mod, it eats its own dog-food. The sandbox game itself is coded in the modding system, so you can go in and take a look at how it works. The source for all the default tools is included in an editable format right in the game’s directory.

The modding system uses C#. Which is the undoubted king of programming languages. (Lua sucks)

Sandbox Mode

The sandbox game is like a creative mode Infiniminer. Except because you’re placing stuff by hand it’s more like playing with lego. You’ll probably want to sit on the floor and start building stuff.

Like Garry’s Mod the sandbox mode also has a bunch of different tools and textures you can install from the workshop. The ridable rollercoaster is an example of that.


Early Access

It’s still quite early in the development of Chunks. But it’s an exciting point to be at.

It doesn’t have a shitload of stuff to keep you super engaged yet. There’s a bunch of quality of life stuff we need to do. Some menus are confusing. Some of the tool controls are confusing. We’re totally aware of all this stuff.

But it’s cool and has a ton of potential. We’re really proud of what James has achieved with it. At Facepunch we have a history of long term development of our games, we don’t expect Chunks to be any different. Feedback is really valuable – so if you play it and something is tricky or confusing, please let James know. Especially if you have already refunded it because you hated it.

View more at the Chunks Website