What’s Been Done So Far

I’ve been working on this idea for what feels like an eternity. In the beginning I devoted a massive amount of my time to procedural generation, something that I think was a mistake. I’d hate to think about how much of the work I’ve done has actually been thrown away. I eventually came to the realization that you can’t play a procedural city generator and actually making a game is more important. A shit game with cool procedural generation is still a shit game. It seems pretty obvious in hindsight but felt pretty important at the time. It’s not all doom and gloom though, I learned a lot and recycled a lot of the code and ideas from it.




Facepunch Prototypes

If you have a key for Facepunch Prototypes on Steam then you can play “Untitled Game” right now. Please give it a try and fill in the feedback form. I’ll be your best mate if you do.

What To Expect?

Curb your enthusiasm! There is one server, and the map is pretty small at the moment. The game right now is based almost entirely around PVP. It’s basically like a never ending game of COD at the moment.
I’m hoping that keeping the map small and PVP focused right now will help me find bugs easier, smooth out the gunplay and hopefully be a lot more fun to play for now in it’s current state.

What Next?

The plan from here is to get people playing, get feedback and iterate. I’d like to try and get on a regular blog / update schedule and keep pushing forward, adding features and gameplay.


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Also, just wanna give a big shout out to Garry, Craig, Paul, Paul, Minh, Facepunch etc. Thanks.