Thanks for all of the comments, feedback and interest over the past week. It’s been a pleasant surprise to see people playing and enjoying the game, even in its current state. It’s really encouraging!

This week has mainly been about fixing bugs. The main priority right now is to bring stability to the game before we start adding proper game play elements. To aid this I set up error reporting for the project. Some of the bugs so far have been hard to reproduce so this will be a huge help.

I also managed to get tracers into the game. They are a huge improvement and not only make the gunplay feel nicer, but also help you see where you’re getting shot from. There are also some graphical improvements, performance improvements and improvements to the buildings.

If you have a key be sure to check it out and leave feedback. I read it all and it’s a huge help. Over the next few weeks I’ll be continuing to fix bugs and add basic feature to get this iteration feeling as smooth as possible.


  1. Fixed looking down when spawning
  2. Fixed being able to jump onto water
  3. Fixed various server errors
  4. Fixed gun not showing when respawning
  5. Fixed not being able to quit game
  6. Fixed pooling errors
  7. Fixed massive FPS drop when camera too close to stuff
  8. Fixed idle unarmed anim
  9. Updated building batching to batch LODs better
  10. Updated tree textures
  11. Updated building textures
  12. Updated window textures
  13. Increased window size
  14. Increased building sizes
  15. Changed crosshair
  16. Added Tree Colliders
  17. Added tracers
  18. Added error reporting

There’s probably a few more bits and pieces too that I’ve forgot.

My quest to get more followers than Holmzy went well. I got over 100 followers last week. I’m still quite far behind though so please add me.

BTW for those that have been asking for keys I’ll try and get some on soon.