Voice Chat

I managed to get in voice chat this week. Press V to talk in game. I also pitched the voices down a bit for a larf to make everyone sound hench. Check it out and call each other cunts. It’s probably buggy as fuck at the moment, press f1 and type voice.loopback true to hear your own voice and double check it.

Roof Access

People have been asking for roof access for a few weeks now. I had planned to add it in anyway but other stuff got in the way. Buildings now support roof access and some of the buildings have it implemented.


Building Interiors

Paul worked on making the interiors look nicer this week. It’s a big improvement. Now I just need to unfuck the building system and give you a reason for actually going in them.


Error Reporter

I fucked up with the error reporter last week and it wasn’t working properly. It was a simple fix and I got it running earlier in the week.

Item Drops

I made item drop positions a little nicer and patched out being able to make briefcase stairs. It made me a little sad because that was one of my favourite things to do in the game.

Quality Settings

A few people have complained about poor performance so I added in the ability to turn anti aliasing and ambient occlusion off(press f2 whilst in game). With them off I’ve been getting 150 – 200 fps on a GTX780 and 100 – 140 fps with them on. Performance should be decent for most people at the moment.

Unkillable Players

When you leave the server you leave your character behind. This is expected behaviour. There was however a bug where some disconnected players couldn’t be killed. This should hopefully be fixed now.

Paul’s Mailbox

The other Paul is learning 3d and made a mailbox. It is nice. He’s also going to be going through and painting over some of the textures in game too.


Stair Colliders

Stairs were pretty shit to climb up. That’s been fixed and they are nice and smooth now.


It’s not been a bad week. The game should be a lot more stable now so it’s probably time to start thinking about adding some gameplay elements. Whilst it’s pretty fun running around shooting each other for a while, it’s still pretty shit.
I gained a fair few followers on Twitter again this week but Holmzy is still way ahead of me and closing in on 1000. Follow me so I can get more than him. I’ll be your best mate.