Shops are now dotted around the map. It’s filled with placeholder models at the moment but it’s usable. To access the shop walk up to the register and press e. The stuff you buy gets put straight into your inventory.



You can buy this safe (modelled by Paul) from a shop to store stuff in. Hopefully this will give people more of a reason to use the buildings. To place one, drag it onto your belt and select it.

Walk up to the safe and press “e” to access its contents. They’re fairly expensive at the moment to stop people just spamming them everywhere.



You can also buy medikits from the shop which will help you out in a gun fight. To use them drag them onto your belt and select the slot.

Spawn Inventory

I’ve taken the rifle out of your inventory when you respawn. Now you’ll have to buy one from the shop. I’ve also changed it so you’ll spawn with about three fiddy’s worth of dollars to spend in the shop. To buy the more expensive stuff you’ll have to fuck some people up and steal their money.

Power Lines

The other Paul added some powerlines to the map. They look pretty sweet.  



Even though the game is still pretty shit and boring, hopefully these changes will give people more of a reason to explore the map and keep playing.

Next week there probably won’t be an update as I’m going to be doing a little R+D. I might still do a devblog depending on how it goes though.

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