So last week I said there wouldn’t be an update this week and there isn’t. I’ve actually spent part of the week looking at UDK. A few people at Facepunch have been looking at it recently and have spoken highly about it so I thought I’d give it a try. I’m not a fan.

I do think it’s more feature rich in many areas than Unity, and feels more like a proper engine. The networking is awesome. I’ve always said that the biggest problem with Unity is that Unity doesn’t make games. They never get to see the really bad stuff so it takes a lot of complaining for it to get fixed. Sometimes it never gets fixed.

The problem is that I’m just too used to Unity now and it would probably take months for me to be able to get as comfortable with UE4 as I am with Unity. Plus I’ve already hacked my way through most of the bullshit Unity problems. I’m glad I scratched the itch though.

Building Tools

After I had decided that it wasn’t worth switching to UE4 I took a look at the building system. The system we have now is okay but it’s far from perfect. The problem at the moment is that it’s too hard to add new content to it and it fucks up a lot when you do. The tools I’ve made so far are also kind of clumsy to use. Here’s a clip of a rough start on the new tool:


Once the refactor is finished it’s going to allow many new building styles to go into the game pretty quickly. One big problem we have at the moment is that everything looks the same. Even on a tiny map it’s really hard to know where you are and more importantly where the safe you’ve stashed is.

Another huge benefit to refactoring the building system now is that it should hopefully allow the buildings to be able to receive information from the server. This will open up a lot of game play possibilities such as being able to purchase buildings and apartments as well as possibly being able to customise parts of buildings later on.


It’s been kind of a shitty week and unfortunately there probably won’t be many new updates for the next few weeks. The last months development has exposed a few issues with the project which I really need to sort out now. At the moment I’m the only programmer so when shit like this needs doing, visible progress basically stops.

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