This week’s update is mostly about the changes I made to the Zig Zag map but there have also been some other tweaks to the base gameplay.

As you can see Zig Zag now looks much different, aside from the change in visuals I’ve also made considerations to how the map plays. I want a lot of the skill in playing to come from the player’s ability to traverse the map, so it follows that the map needs to facilitate that. I’ve included more platforming elements in the smaller nooks and crannies which I’m hoping will make moving around more engaging and strategic.



I’ve also added breakable glass panels throughout the map. These panels only break once you’ve reached a certain size which should provide some interesting means of escape for the smaller guys and a greater sense of power for the bigger guys.


As it is now I think the game gets a little boring when you’re big and slow because you don’t have the same agility and threats as when you were small. Once you’re big the style of play needs to shift from running/chasing and be more about just playing in the sandbox of the level. Big guys should be able to trigger events that affect everyone else on the map and destructability is one way to do that but I want to explore other ideas in the future.

As for gameplay updates I’ve now made it so players “stick” to each other when they are overlapping. This should make eating/getting eaten feel like more of a struggle and by slowing down the eating process it will give players more of a chance to react and try to out maneuver their opponent. I’ve also changed player movement so the bigger you get the less acceleration you have, changing in drastic directions while big will be slower and allow smaller guys to have more of an edge.

I didn’t write a blog post for last update because I didn’t think there was enough to talk about, but in case you missed it I also changed the way players eat food. Now food is split up into four colors, if you collect all four colors you get a growth bonus. Food eating will probably go through more changes in the future but I’m happy with it for now.

Finally the feedback button on the main menu screen now works properly so please send me your thoughts, criticisms, etc. would love to hear what you think! Also, feel free to follow me on Twitter as well for more frequent updates.