So it’s been awhile since we put out a patch. A lot has changed and nothing has changed at the same time. Since the last update we took a step back and implemented some important changes that aren’t that exciting but I felt were needed.


The first iteration of vehicles is now in the game. At the moment you can get in them and drive them around. You can’t get in as a passenger just yet, neither can you do drive bys. That’s coming soon though. Shoutout to Bill for the car work. (P.S not all cars are drivable. The ones that are park on the sides of the roads are static)


We redid some of the player code and switched over the player’s movement to a fully server authoritative model. Time will tell whether it was a mistake or not but at the moment I can only see the positives at the moment. It’s made various things a lot easier for us such as making them work with vehicles but it will probably have an effect on the overall number of players we can support.

Building System

We redid a lot of the building system. A lot of the back end is pretty similar but the edior stuff is completely new. It’s way more artist friendly now and will allow us to do a lot more gameplay wise going forward. A lot of stuff is still WIP.  Shoutout to Paul + Paul for the artwork.

2016-10-28_17-09-52 2016-10-28_17-05-31 2016-10-28_17-02-28 2016-10-28_17-03-50


It’s been pretty shit not updating every week. I could really feel us making progress during that time, so from now on we’re gonna be trying our best to do regular updates and blogs again.

Some of the old bugs might have been fixed in the process and there might be some new ones. If you notice any, please report them in the feedback. It helps.

Over the next week we’ll probably be fixing bugs but the aim from here is to add some proper gameplay elements and turn it into an actual game.

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