Last week I mentioned that the focus from now is going to be all about trying to add some fun gameplay, so at the beginning of the week we had a think about what we could do to make the game more of a game. At the moment there’s nothing to do really other than kill other players. This get’s boring pretty quick and if there’s noone on the server at all there’s no point even playing.

We plucked a few ideas we have for the game out of the idea repository and came up with a basic game loop that we feel represents what the game will be, and won’t take years to implement.

  1. Buying a property.
  2. Buying equipment and ingredients from shops to cook meth.
  3. Cook some meth.
  4. Sell meth to NPCs whilst competing with other players over turf.
  5. Rinse and repeat.

I don’t really have a timeframe for any of this but it’ll all be added in gradually over the next few updates.

Networking Buildings

At the moment the when buildings are generated on clients and servers, they just share the same seed. Once they’re generated, there’s no way for the server to tell the clients anything about buildings. You can’t own a building, you can’t change anything about a building, once it’s generated it’s just there.

This week I started working on networking the buildings, it should be finished by next week’s update hopefully. After that I’m going to be looking at adding a nice way of owning a building. Once you own a building it will give you placement privileges, allow you to respawn there, and open up some proper gameplay possibilities. It’s gonna be cool.

NPC Testing

NPCs have been something that we have planned for a while. One problem is that Unity doesn’t allow runtime navmesh baking and I haven’t really been that blown away with anything off the asset store. Now that Unity is releasing an update that will allow runtime navmesh baking, I decided to have a quick look at NPCs to figure out what we need to do, how long they’ll take to add etc. Here’s a rough little preview.

Car Stuff

When we dropped the update last week we noticed that cars and players were pretty jittery but it was especially noticeable in cars. Bill has gone ahead and fixed some of the interpolation code to smooth it out as well as tweaking the interpolation times. Cars should now feel a lot smoother.

Bill also enabled the player model in the car as well as re enabling player damage when in the cars. You can also enter the cars as a passenger now but there’s no drive by’s yet. That’s coming soon.

Static cars have also been removed. Every car you see can now be driven. Check them out!

Bill also fixed a long time bug with the game not taking control of the mouse again when you lose focus.


It’s good to finally be able to do stuff week by week again, it feels like progress happens a lot quicker this way.

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