Building Ownership

Last week I outlined some of the things that will be needed to get a meth cooking game loop going. The first major part of this will be securing a cook site as a base of operations  and to do that we need to allow players to properly take over parts of buildings.

At the beginning of the week I finished off replicating buildings over the network properly. This means they can now receive network updates and are controlled by the server. After that I started on building ownership. I had to make some additions to the building editor to allow us to define parts of buildings that can be owned such as apartments, or whether the whole building can be owned. I’ve also updated the generator to generate this stuff at runtime. What this means is that the player can now get information about if they’re in a building or part of a building that they own. With this information we can start to restrict access to these parts or restrict object placement. This will allow players to have a more persistent presence on the server.

These changes aren’t in game yet. I’m hoping to finish them off add a basic way of buying a property next week. After that we can get started on the meth cooking.


Bill’s been adding more features to the cars. As well as some bug fixes you can now shoot at people from inside the cars as well as be shot and killed now. Because of this the third person car camera has been removed so you can see where you’re aiming. Bill also added some of Minh’s anims.

There’s still a lot to do with cars but they’re really starting to come together now. We had a little car chase / shootout in them and it was pretty fun.

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I don’t really have a summary but just wanted to say fuck Holmzy and follow me on Twitter.