Building Networking + Ownership

This week I managed to get all the building changes done and merged in. Instead of generating the buildings from a seed, buildings are now sent across the network when a player connects. This means that buildings can now finally start to receive network updates.

The first thing to take advantage of this is building ownership. All doors are now locked except for shops and other public spaces. When you walk up to a main door of a property you get the option to buy it. When you own a property, you are the only person that can enter it and place stuff in it.

Within the next few weeks you’ll be able to start re spawning at your property and cooking meth there. It’ll be cool.


Doors also always open away from you now. In most cases this feels much better.


Bill’s been working hard on car improvements, fixing bugs, and getting closer to that base level of vehicle features.

You can now run people over. If you hit someone pretty soft, you’ll nudge them a little and give out a small amount of damage. Hard hits from a car are instant death. There are a few bugs with it that need addressing such as the car still stopping dead and some damage tweaking but they’ll get addressed. Remember to use the green cross code now.

Paul also fixed up the car model to stop the players head from clipping through the top.


There’s probably some other shit but I lose track. I don’t really have a summary other than to say follow me on Twitter so I can get more followers than Holmzy. He has a massive head.

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