I got a little bored with having to refactor stuff so decided to have a quick go at making an in game map. You Press M to open and close it.


It’s pretty simple at the moment, all it shows you is your location, but it’s still useful for finding out where your house is etc.

The idea is that the map will eventually be more interactive in the future. It’ll show where different POI are, show where your properties are and let you manage them, show who owns turf in a certain area etc.

Player Refactor

At the moment a player isn’t really a persistent thing in the game. When a player dies, it gets destroyed and basically so does all the information about him. This actually required a few hacks here and there and would have held the game back in certain areas moving forward.

I haven’t quite finished yet but each player has kind of been separated from their character. This means that when you die, information about the player lives on. Apart from being able to remove some hacks, this could be useful keeping track of bank accounts, kill counts, team / gang structures etc. There’s probably a lot that can be done with it that we haven’t thought about yet.


Part of the reason I started to refactor some of the player code was to do with some issues Bill was having finishing cars. It could’ve been done with some hacks / nasty workarounds but I thought fuck it, it’s better to just get it over with.

Whilst I’ve been refactoring the player I got Bill to take a look at the new navmesh system in Unity as well as some of the behaviour tree systems that Unity has to offer.


Apart from the map, it’s kind of another week of more boring, invisible stuff. Once I’ve finished off refactoring some shitty parts of the codebase, Bill can finally draw a line under the cars for a while and we can start to make more progress on AI and the meth cooking process.

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Holmzy and I had a little game with TunerSteve the other day. Here’s a clip he recorded, it was actually pretty fun. Check it out.