Come work with us! We'll pay you!


We’re always looking for coders that are better than us.


We want more 3D artists. We want more concept artists.


We want folks who can get things moving.

Something Else

Got skills in something we haven’t mentioned? We might still be interested.

Who We’re Looking For

You’re a Grown Up

We aren’t going to babysit you. You’re not a convict making license plates. You are here because you are awesome at what you do. We trust you to make decisions. We’re not going to tell you what hours to work. You can work that out yourself. If you work best by starting at 2AM then you can work at 2AM. If you work best from home, then work from home. This only works out if you’re self motivated. No-one is going to tell you to work differently, it’s up to you to find how you’re most effective.

You’re Self Motivated

We aren’t going to tell you what to do. You’ll probably just slip into doing something. If you’re an artist then people might ask for your help on their project. You might see something that you think could be improved, and choose to improve it. If you’re a programmer people might ask you to help on their project. You might want to join an existing project, or you might want to start your own.

You Learn From Your Mistakes

Being scared of failing is what leads people to make safe decisions. We don’t want you to make safe decisions. We want you to be bold and different. This is the only way to innovate. You’re not going to get fired if you start a project, then 3 months in you realise that the whole idea is shit. We applaud you for realising and not wasting anymore of your time on it. Salvage whatever you can, learn from your experiences and move on.

Do I Have To Move To England?

No, we have employees from all over the world.

Remote Worker

If you’re good enough we will hire you as a remote worker. You can stay at home all day. You can wear clothes, or work naked, that choice is completely yours. As long as you do awesome stuff we don’t care.

Office Worker

Our office is in Walsall, England in the West Midlands. If you already live around here or (for some crazy reason) want to move here then you are welcome to come work with us. We’ll pay for your lunch (if you want us to), and we have a pool table that we never really use.

How to Apply

If all of that sounds like you then shoot us an email using the button below. Please include examples of your work!
Note: Due to the high volume of mails we receive, we’re unable to reply to all applicants.  If you haven’t heard from us within 14 days, we’re afraid that means you’ve been unsuccessful.