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Rust is a survival game for the PC, Mac and Linux.

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Garry's Mod

Garry’s Mod is a Sandbox game for the PC, Mac and Linux.

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Who are we?

Facepunch is a video game developer based in Walsall, England.

Arcade – Devblog #11

We’re back, hope you all had a great holiday! It’s been a while since our last Devblog, so naturally we have a huge amount of progress to talk about and something new for you to play around with. Cabinet Materials (Petur & Rob) While the Arcade...

Arcade – Devblog #10

Goodbye JavaScript (for a little while)! Unfortunately we’re going to have to temporarily stop supporting JavaScript and TypeScript games until we’ve replaced the scripting engine we were using. While the old engine worked fine for playing games in the...

Arcade – Devblog #9

BudgetBoy Development Kit A little while ago we promised to release a tool that lets you test your own homebrew arcade games while you wait for us to finish the arcade. Well here it is, only one week late! With the BudgetBoy Development Kit you can load and play your...