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Rust is a survival game for the PC, Mac and Linux.

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Garry's Mod

Garry’s Mod is a Sandbox game for the PC, Mac and Linux.

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Who are we?

Facepunch is a video game developer based in Walsall, England.

Arcade – Devblog #5

Custom Room Editor This week I’ve been designing a way to let players create their own custom arcade rooms. The editor is run in-game and will allow you to construct straight and diagonal walls to create either a single room arcade or multiple rooms connected by...

Space Game – Devblog 8

I’m a bit late with this week’s devblog, but there’s lots of new stuff! Ability UI I finished off the temporary ability selection UI. The selection screen now shows you which abilities you already have bound to your action bar and it now shows which...


I have been an admirer of Before for a long long time. Every screenshot I see makes me fall more and more in love with the art direction. A while ago I got chatting to Bill. He had found himself in the position that a lot of indies find themselves in. He had this...