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Rust is an online multiplayer survival game for PC, Mac and Linux.

Before is a game about prehistoric people and their survival.

CHUNKS is a block based sandbox game built for virtual reality.

Troubleshooter is a twin-sticker shooter/loot focused RPG hybrid set in space.

Garry’s Mod is a sandbox game for PC, Mac and Linux.

Facepunch Studios is a video game developer best known for making Rust & Garry’s Mod.

Absorb #2

First I just want to give a big thank you to everyone who played Absorb and gave me feedback, can’t express how much it means! I got a healthy amount of compliments and criticisms which are invaluable. On to this weeks update. As I’m sure you know if...

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What is Facepunch Prototypes?

Here at Facepunch Studios there are a plethora of games being developed, both full time and as side projects. A bunch of them are available as a part of Facepunch Prototypes, a Steam app that we release some codes for every now and again here:

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Absorb #1

Inspiration Late last year I stumbled upon a game called and quickly became addicted. I loved its cat and mouse gameplay, it’s punishing penalty for death, and the natural symbiotic relationships that formed between players. I wanted to take this formula...

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Untitled Game #5

UE4 So last week I said there wouldn’t be an update this week and there isn’t. I’ve actually spent part of the week looking at UDK. A few people at Facepunch have been looking at it recently and have spoken highly about it so I thought I’d give...

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Untitled Game #4

Shop Shops are now dotted around the map. It’s filled with placeholder models at the moment but it’s usable. To access the shop walk up to the register and press e. The stuff you buy gets put straight into your inventory. Safe You can buy this safe (modelled by Paul)...

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Untitled Game #3

Voice Chat I managed to get in voice chat this week. Press V to talk in game. I also pitched the voices down a bit for a larf to make everyone sound hench. Check it out and call each other cunts. It’s probably buggy as fuck at the moment, press f1 and type...

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