First of all, I’d like to apologise for how the game looks at the moment. It’s a prototype idea and anything you see here in-game is place-holder or coder art. (crap)

I’ve been working on this game as a prototype for a while now and thought it was time to show something, to see what people think of the idea and if anyone would actually want to play it :) The weekly Rust update blog has inspired me to start posting weekly updates myself.

What’s Riftlight, then?

It’s an arcade shooter that can be played with a gamepad or mouse and keyboard. It has loot and other light-RPG stuff like character levels, abilities and talent trees.

I want it to be colourful and different, not just screens and screens of black space and white stars (although it is, at the moment!) You’re not gonna need a dictionary on standby to look up space-words or a Maths degree just to understand which gun to equip on your ship. The one that does the most damage is the best gun, and it’ll just say so.

As it’s still a prototype, loads of stuff isn’t finished – and loads of stuff that is finished will most likely change :)

Why make another space shooter game?


  • I like fast paced, arcade twin stick shooters
  • I like loot hunting games.
  • I like picking talents and abilities and equipping different gear to change the way the I play the game.
  • I like finding cool new places to kill cool new baddies in randomly generated levels.
  • I like playing co-op with a couple of friends and I like getting better gear than them :)
  • I want to play on my PC and also on a big TV in the living room, using my new Steam Machine.

… and I haven’t found a game that is all of those things, or I’d already be playing it .

So, I’m going to try and make it myself :)

I’ve got a lot of the groundwork done, but there’s practically no content at this point. There’s not much to actually play, I just test things as I make them.

Show me a video, I’m bored of words

Here’s the Caster class killing stuff with just a few of it’s first abilities: Standard attack, projectile slowing shield and the lightning orb


Like most Action RPG games, there’s gonna be classes. These are in the form of three different ship classes and they currently have these exciting names: Melee, Ranged and Caster.

  • Ranged – More traditional shooter class. Not weak, but not tough. Can attack well from any range. Loads of bullets and cool guns. Abilities are all about increasing fire-power and giving you ways to avoid taking damage.
  • Caster – The magical class :) Cool spells and area of effect damage. They can tear stuff up. They can get torn up pretty easily too, though. Nuke the hell out of stuff and hide behind your mates.
  • Melee – I wanted a class that was different to what you’d expect from a shooter game. So I’m trying out a class that can’t shoot – in a shooter! Your basic weapon is a close ranged energy beam (“bacon sword” as someone here called it after seeing my awesome coder art for it) that you can aim around your ship and attack close ranged stuff. It gets bigger the more stuff you damage with it, and it shrinks back down again when you stop attacking stuff. Your abilities are focused on pulling stuff in to your range, local area of effect blasts and support beacons you can drop that effect anything in a close range (including you).


There is loot for you to loot.

Here’s the placeholder inventory and stats screen. I censored the item names because the random item generator only knows erotic words at the moment.


You start off with only your basic attack, which is free to use and gets the job done. To be even more effective you can choose a new ability every few character levels.

Each class will have it’s own choice of talents and these use energy to activate, which replenishes quickly over time. Abilities typically have cool-down timers.

Co-op play

Playing with other people is always more fun – and when there’s loot involved, half of the fun is trying to get better stuff than everyone else and then telling them about it.

Online co-op is currently functional. As in, you can fly around and kill stuff with 2 or 3 people. It took a lot of work and re-doing stuff. It’s playable, but needs a lot of improvement and more work. I just wanted to get in in as early as possible.


Shooting stuff should be fun, so hopefully you’ll want to keep shooting stuff.

Random level layouts, random level sections, random missions, etc is the plan here.

Going through the same areas multiple times for loot should feel different enough each time that you want to keep doing it!

What’s next?

  • Gameplay! I want to get a super-early playable version out so people can try it out, and for that I need some decent early levels and content.
  • New enemy types, more varied enemy movement and abilities.
  • Balance the enemies and loot to match your level better
  • Improve multiplayer