It’s only a short week for me this week, so I thought I’d use the few days to start making some actual level content. At this point the goal is not to make it look good, but to start experimenting with level/encounter design and what does and doesn’t work very well.


As I started to make some “real” content, I noticed the mission and objective systems needed some improvements, so I made some tweaks to those, most notably you can now chain mission objectives together properly and run custom scripts when objectives are completed.

I started working on a story/cutscene system too, only simple stuff at the moment, mainly comic-style text boxes. I’ll be expanding this over time so that I can make the game more interactive in this area. I don’t want it to be a story heavy game at all, but I realised I do need some ways of explaining to the player what’s going on.

I also noticed there was no way to reward the player for completing a mission, so I added a reward panel that appears and grants you a per-mission configurable amount of XP.

Level design

I want there to be big, open, outdoor sections in the game, but also smaller and more confined areas, similar to the dungeons you see in more typical action RPGs.

This week I wanted to have a go at making an indoor environment as this is something you don’t see that much of in space shooters.

The level is supposed to be the inside of a huge space creature – so massive that it has other creatures, vegetation and other stuff living inside of it. As usual, everything is placeholder – shoddy models by me, or stuff off the asset store. It’s really not important how it looks at the moment, it’s all about trying to learn what makes a fun mission or level in this game.

Overall I’m happy with the level progress so far and I’ve confirmed that smaller, indoor areas will work just as well as larger outdoor areas.


Here’s a vid of me playing the start of the level and completing the first mission.

Next week!

It’s a nice change of pace to be working on some level stuff instead of programming, so I’ll be continuing with this level, adding more missions and areas as well as improving the randomisation of the areas in the level.

Like this week, I’m sure I’ll come across more stuff that needs adding or improving as I make more content, so I’ll be doing that stuff, too :)