BudgetBoy Development Kit

A little while ago we promised to release a tool that lets you test your own homebrew arcade games while you wait for us to finish the arcade. Well here it is, only one week late!

With the BudgetBoy Development Kit you can load and play your own JavaScript or TypeScript arcade games, or try out a few of the example games we’ve been working on here at Facepunch.

The interface is pretty straight forward; the main controls are on the left, the currently loaded game is in the middle, and a selectable list of available games can be toggled on the right by clicking the top bar. The BBDK looks in a Games directory, found in the same location as the executable, which is where you can place your own projects to test. Included with the BBDK are the sources of some sample games implemented in both JavaScript and TypeScript, although you can also find links to their sources in Devblog #7. Another useful resource is the API documentation, which will be updated as we add new features to the fictional BudgetBoy platform. Additionally, you will need to install the TypeScript compiler if you wish to develop your own TypeScript games, as the BBDK only looks for .js files.

The lower-most button on the left will package your game into a single .bytes file when pressed, which you can send to other people with the BBDK to try out (they just need to put the file in their Games directory). Also, if you are a Facepunch Forums member, you can embed your game in a post by putting a link to an uploaded .bytes file in tags like this:


Note: Embedding is currently broken for JavaScript and TypeScript games.

You can download it below if you’d like to give it a try, and we would love to hear your feedback!

Last updated: 3rd November 2014 16:50 GMT

Tactical Police Cops

Ryleigh’s finished a feature-complete build of the game he’s been working on for the last few weeks, Tactical Police Cops (previously SWAT Chronicles (previously Ultimate Soldier)). It’s been hugely fun to play since quite early on, and now he’s included hostage rescue, a shop intermission stage and a bomb on each level to enforce a time limit. Here’s a video of me being pretty crap at it:

You can also try it out if you download the BBDK; controls are WASD to move, E to view your mag, left click to shoot (or stab when unarmed) and right click to drop / pickup a weapon.

Here’s a logo designed by Rob:

Oculus Rift Support

The header image might have given this one away a bit, but I’ve just started testing out adding Rift support to the arcade after Garry surprised me with a DK2. It’s something we’ve been intending to support for a while (in fact Ryleigh got an older build of the arcade working with his Rift over a month ago), as VR seems like a perfect match for a virtual arcade.