It’s been awhile since I’ve done a dev blog so I thought I’d do a quick one. If you read the last dev blog I said there wasn’t going to be an update for a few weeks. There most likely won’t be any for another few weeks either. Sorry if you’re disappointed, fuck you if you aren’t.

So WTF Are We Doing?

I’ve spent the majority of the last few weeks upgrading the building system and editor tools. It’s almost finished now and it’s a massive improvement. Paul’s been spending a lot of his time making different pieces for the editor so it’ll all look sweet when finished. It wasn’t really anything I could do incrementally over weekly updates but for me at least it’s worth putting in the effort now. Not only will it allow for visual improvements but it will open many doors ;) in terms of gameplay improvements too.

We also have a new programmer working on “Untitled Game”. He’s also called Bill. Since Bill has made Scraps, a game with vehicles, he’s been working on vehicles for the past few weeks. So far he’s got the physics working pretty well and the cars are working over the network now too. Unfortunately they won’t be in game for a while because we need to do some major modifications to the player first to make sure everything works properly.


So yeah I’m disappointed that we haven’t been doing weekly updates, it was awesome seeing the game progress every week but during that time it also exposed a lot of problems that I think needed to be fixed now while we can. The next update will probably be in around 2 weeks which will include the new building system. After that I’ll be helping Bill with the player updates and once they’re done we should be back to normal again.

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