After adding breakable glass in the last update it got me thinking about how I could expand on this mechanic. The way I have breakable meshes implemented in Zig Zag really only benefits the larger players but I thought what if it could also be a detriment?


This led me to make the map Collapse. In Collapse I not only have glass walls that break relative to your size but also glass floors, metal frames/pillars, as well as entire parts of the level. This not only creates new hazards for larger players but makes the level change dynamically for all players; pathways and obstacles that exist in the beginning of the game may no longer exist as players grow later on. Collapse gives larger players more power to shape and change the map but also more hazards to avoid. All the visuals for the map are purely place holder, and if the map plays well I’ll do a more final art pass on it similarly to how I handled Zig Zag.


There are of course other ways besides destruction to have player size change the map and I fully intend to explore more ideas with future maps. That’s it for this update, as always feel free to follow me on Twitter for more frequent updates.