Can I record/stream your games and put them up on Youtube and other video hosting sites?

Yes. As far as we’re concerned recorded videos of the game belong to you. In the same way that when you draw a picture – the picture belongs to you – not the company that manufactured the pencils. Feel free to make money from your videos on YouTube, or Twitch, include clips in your TV show, or make a DVD box set of you playing and a sell a million copies of it for a million dollars each.

Will you be bringing your games to consoles?

Maybe, we have dev kits, we’re testing things on them every now and again. Nothing is for certain yet and we’ll talk when we have something to show on this front.

Will you be bringing Garry’s Mod to consoles?

Probably not.

What is Facepunch Prototypes?

Can I have a key?

Yes, when they’re available. Keep an eye on Twitter for news of that.